Two local artists from the island make art but also show you the stories behind the street art they and their peers made.
Avantia Damberg and Chris Peralta used to have their art studio in Punda, in the Casa Moderna Building, and saw the urban art scenery grow. Avantia also had her studio in Otrobanda. The tours started when one day in 2017 she took a walk with another colleague artist friend and she met other artists she knows who were working on murals or sculptures. In short time she actually made a little art tour, and then got the idea to give art tours in Punda, Scharloo/Fleur de Marie and Otrobanda.
The tours promote our local artists, the contemporary art now, the vibrant urban art scene in the city, the architecture, new entrepreneurs with locally made products and/or services and your ticket also supports these 2 artists!

Chris joined Avantia a year later, originally helping her out as the tours grew more and more popular. Chris is developing his art and he earns both with working at a restaurant and giving tours! Next to having the creative gift, he also has the hospitality gift.

Thank you for booking with Art Now Tours, you #supportartists !